Lerne programmieren robot pano

Learn Programming with Lego Mindstorms

Is your child interested in technology?

Programming can stimulate the child’s desire and ability to combine logic and intuition. Through simple programming of various Lego Mindstorm models, children will be able to immediately express their creative thoughts and ideas according to the motto of “What happens if I input xy?”.

After a short introduction to the basic concepts of IT andthe components of the Lego Mindstorms models, the children build a robot based on the instructions and receive a series of 7 exercises to complete. In groups of children per team within a defined time frame (roughly 30 mins per exercise),each team works out the solutions for the exercises step by step:

    • Preparation of the program instructions on the tablet/computer and upload to the robot.

    • Running the program on the individual team’s playground and fine tune the program via trial-and-error.

    • At the end of each task, each team presents their solution to the other teams.

    • In the last exercise of the workshop, all teams participate in a competition on the common playground.

The workshop is organized and implemented by our team of 2 experienced people.

Intended age range: children and adolescents aged 10 to 14.

The minimum amount of participants per workshop is 8 up to a maximum of 12 participants per workshop.

The parents do not participate in the workshop.